The RFD Difference: ALL our homes are highly energy efficient.


Starting in April 2016 we have elevated our Minimum Building Standard to a new level that outperforms the latest code requirements and gets us closer to a Net Zero Energy Design.


The result is even lower energy requirement, quieter living environment and better air quality.

Our Philosophy is simple: Applying standard building products in the most effective fashion to increase the energy efficiency of the building and improve the living environment for its occupants.


Our goal was to control sound entering the home, reduce heat gain, heat loss and reduce unwanted air infiltration, without increasing the cost to our clients.


We are proud to announce that we can offer our new RFD BUILDING STANDARD without up-charges.

Our new Building Standard incorporates:


Advanced Framing Techniques to eliminate un-insulated areas typically found in standard framing.

Energy Heel Framing to eliminate weak points in Attic insulation.


Drastic reduction of Thermal Bridging which results in dramatically reduced heat loss/gain.


Increased Insulation through thicker wall cavities and and Advanced Framing results in total wall R-Value improvement of 50%.


Tighter building envelope for reduced air infiltration.


New Window package with better Solar Heat Gain  values.


This new standard is in addition to:




Ask us about the details.