We make the decision to own a Green Home easy.

All RFD homes are green homes and exceed code requirements for insulation and energy efficiency.


We incorporate a minimum building and design standard that assures our structures outperform the majority of new homes and at a minimum meet Energy Star Requirements.

But we don't stop here.

If you are as passionate about sustainable architecture as we are, we can take your home to any level. We will guide you to incorporate the most efficient materials and systems with the greatest impact, for the least amount of cost.


Ask us about our Green Systems Packages that can be applied to any home we design.


Whether it is just a minimum upgrade, or a full
net-zero house, where the home produces more energy than it consumes, we have you covered. If LEED certification of any level is your goal, we can achieve that as well.

SIP wall panels ready to be set

We build Healthier Homes.

A healthy home is designed, built and maintained to support health.


It is a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration potential toxins in building materials and beyond that allows the continued use of the home within a controllable environment.


Not only chemicals and air quality are of concern. Sound and stress reduction are just as important.


A healthy environment also requires healthy design. A back yard that is landscaped to function as an oasis or just a visual point for relaxing: windows that allow to follow the day's and the season's cycles; lighting that adapts to moods and occasions, these are all essential aspects to healthy living.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewards are aware of their actions and reduce the negative impact on their world.


Simple actions like recycling and awareness of the the energy and resource use of our homes can make all of us stewards and contribute to a better environment.


Reich Fauchet Design is dedicated to promote recycling, the use of recycled materials and sustainable resources in our designs and construction. We source material locally if we can and we promote and incorporate home systems that protect and conserve.

SIP house designed around one of Houston's oldest oaks.