REICH FAUCHET DESIGN is devoted to the design and creation of custom, single family residences, both new construction and major remodels.


As a Design Firm and Custom Home Builder, we focus on combining exceptional design, technical expertise and unmatched service.


Drawing on a decade of experience designing and building custom homes in the greater Houston area, the firm creates measurable value and environmentally responsible solutions.


Experienced in dealing with commercial realities, we listen carefully to our client’s needs and requirements. Regardless of size or budget, each project is executed through a detailed design process that is both linear and collaborative.


Our passion for design and functional artistry is realized in our designs, our custom and project homes, and even finds a natural extension in furniture design and creative concrete projects.


We approach every project in its totality, creating a dialogue of architectural elements and living space, light and nature, visual and haptic texture, color and comfort, sense and sensibility.

"I am most satisfied when I can walk into one of our homes and see that the initial vision of form and function is confirmed in reality and every detail has been executed according to my exacting standards."

Wolfgang Pfirrmann, Principal


As founder and a principal of Solution 4 Living, Wolfgang  gained extensive experience in custom home design and building. His fervor for environmentally responsible design of high performance homes and the desire to combine those functional aspects with exceptional form and unsurpassed quality, has led to establishing Reich Fauchet Design.


A native German with a technical background and strong business acumen, he combines ingrained quality thinking with artistic and architectural talent. Reich Fauchet Design serves as his platform to maximize quality in design and build. His desire for excellence in execution in every aspect of his work flows into each and every Reich Fauchet Project and is immediately evident.


As designer and custom home builder, Wolfgang excels in his ability to translate a client's desire into 3 dimensions. His customer service oriented thinking and social skills make building a custom home with him a rewarding experience for all clients.