Reich Fauchet Design (RFD) is a Custom Home Builder in Houston specializing in high quality  Homes and Green Homes with exceptional design, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


Our services include Architectural Design, Designing and Building single and multifamily residences, as well as building Custom Homes designed by other architects and designers.


We design and build Custom Homes in the greater Houston area of any style and size for you and your family. Our homes are defined by outstanding quality in build and finish and have exceptional design.


Individuality in the design details and materials, as well as visual and sensory appeal, are important aspects of our Custom Homes. Your home can be a small, very space efficient design, or may be sized to provide your family ample room for all occasions and activities. Our designs will always fulfill the needs for your specific life style and reflect your vision of the perfect home.


RFD has been on the forefront of Green Home Design for over a decade and RFD homes are always Green Homes regardless of budget. We design and build to a higher standard exceeding code requirements and providing an energy efficient structure.  We use building materials that are sourced locally and recycled content whenever possible. Employing high quality products produces a tight building envelope with high insulation values.  High efficiency heating and cooling systems and alternative energy sources reduce the environmental impact. Most importantly, our Green Homes offer a healthy environment and we carefully choose materials based on their impact on the well being of you and your family.